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 Maintenance Write Ups


I tried my best to document as much as possible along with pictures.  I hope you find them useful. However, do use the information provided here "as-is".  DailyDrivenTJ.com does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or process disclosed.  Use the information at your own risk.


I am assigning the difficulty of different write ups. ' Easy' means just that; if you can read and follow direction, that is pretty much all that is required.  'Medium' difficulty rates those jobs that if done wrong could cause serious problems and it may require some grunt work such as loosening a couple of stubborn bolts or nuts.  Any level above 'Medium' difficulty should be undertaken with precaution, as it could cause serious damage to the vehicle.  'Hard' means a lot of grunt work and working with heavy parts that cannot be handled without a jack or a partner.  'Very Hard' would be like installing ring and pinion gears, rebuilding an engine block or swapping an engine.


Difficulty Scale

◆◇◇◇  Easy

◆◆◇◇  Medium

◆◆◆◇  Hard

◆◆◆◆  Very Hard



List of Maintenance Write Ups

Steering Linkage LubricationSteering Linkage Lubrication

◆◇◇◇  Easy

Smooth is better!


Check Engine Light

◆◇◇◇  Easy

Diagnose that problem without a scanner!


Manual Transmission Oil Change

◆◇◇◇ Easy

Do it without making a mess!


Changing Air Filter

◆◇◇◇  Easy

Let the engine breath.  Part I


Belt Replacement

◆◆◇◇ Medium



Coming Soon!

All the items in the list are already done.  I just got to write them up! Stay tuned!


Cleaning Air Intake

◆◆◇◇  Medium

Let the engine breath. Part II


Changing Spark Wires & Plugs/Rotor Cap

◆◆◇◇  Medium

Better spark means better burn.


Differential Service

◆◆◇◇  Medium

Keep the gears slippery.


Keep Fluids Fresh

◆◆◇◇  Medium

Engine Oil, Brake Oil, Power Steering Oil


Engine Oil Change

◆◆◇◇  Medium

With a twist.


Tire Rotations

◆◆◇◇  Medium

2 methods


Changing Wipers

◆◇◇◇  Easy

See better when it rains.


Changing Brake Pads and Rotors

◆◆◇◇  Medium


Oxygen Sensor Replacement

◆◆◇◇  Medium

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