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Creature Comfort, Part V:  Power Window Installation

No need to reach over, just push a button!  ◆◆◇◇ Medium


When was the last time you rolled down the passenger side window when the guy next to you was asking for a direction or because it was nice outside as you were driving?  Well, I am 5 10 and I do have to reach over to crank the passenger window down.




Power Window Kit BoxPower Window Kit BoxBored with the jeep, I found that there is automatic window kit for the Jeep TJs.  So I decided to look into it.  Just like any other mod that I purchase, I started searching for good price, and found out a1electic.com with the following URL had the best price with the free shipping.  It arrived after 4 days after the order has been placed.



Power Window Kit ContentPower Window Kit BoxThe box that came was about 2 by 3 and as shown it contained the driver and passenger window regulators, wirings, relays, switches, brackets, screws, connectors and wire T-taps.  The connectors that go between the switch and the regulator did not come assembled.  For some reason, I had to reverse the connection on my install but I didnt do anything wrong when I was wiring things up.  I will cover this later in detail. 


Window Crank Handle ToolThe overall installation was pretty straight forward except that I had to do some cutting and drilling and get right sized bolt/screw to make the operation of the window crank mechanism to work smooth.  I also needed a special tool to remove the window crank handle.



While I was at it I decided to repaint the plastic door trim pieces and the door handles that had the peeling paint.  I will include them in different write ups. 


Tools & Parts Needed

Power Window Kit from A1electric.com @ $239.00  (Part # JE12-KSW)

2 of 10-24 x 1 Machine Pin Head Screws

2 of 10-24 Hex Machine Nuts  (These are available through Homedepot or Lowes)

Window Crank Handle Removal Tool (Harborfreight.com @ about $5.00)


Screw Drivers

Socket & Wrench Set

Wire Striper



Job Hours

2 hour






Crank RemovalWindow Crank Handle Tool1. First, the window crank handle has to be removed.  Use the special tool to remove the handle, remove the handle.  Additional pictures are provided to show how this tool works.



Backside of the door panelPanel Removal2. Once the handle is removed, you can remove the door panel.  Unscrew all the bolts you see on the door panel; the location is shown in the picture.  I remember it was pretty hard to remove the panel for the first time.  You will need a flat head screw driver to pry the door panel out.  Look at the picture that shows the backside of the door panel.  It shows the location of the pins that holds the door panel to the door.  Pry these locations and the door panel should come off relatively easy.


Molding Removal2Moding Removal3. Roll the window all the way down.  We need to remove the weather strip around the window frame as shown.






Trim RemovalTrim Removal4. Once done, remove the plastic trim.  Remove the two screws then pull away from the side it is attached to the door.  Now is a good time to get it painted if you wish (write up coming soon!).





Glass Removal5. Crank the window about 1/4 way up.  You should be able to access the two screws holding the glass to the regulator arm.  Remove these two screws and dont lose them!




Glass Removal6. You should be able to remove the glass from the door.  Lift the glass in the direction of the arrow shown and pull towards rear of the vehicle.




Bolt Location7. Remove the three bolts shown with RED arrows.


8. Loosen the other three shown but do not completely remove, shown with Yellow arrows.



Regulator RemovalRegulator Removal9. You should be able to maneuver the regulator assembly out of the door.





Regulator Comparison10. Here is the comparison shot.





Regulator InstallRegulator Install11. Now install the new regulator assembly.  Just reverse, step 9-8-7 using the new regulator.  Before this step, I installed sound insulation mat on the door.



Glass InstallGlass Install12. To install the glass, you will have to cut the protrusion out of the one of the plastic piece that is closer to the front of the vehicle on both driver and passenger side of the door window glass.




Glass InstallGlass InstallGlass Install13. Install the glass using the screw and nut combo (mentioned in the Tools & Parts Needed section of the write up) on the trimmed plastic and reuse the old screw on the other. I used the blue lock tite on the screw and the nut as I didnt want to deal with it again. ;)


Glass Install*Note: If you use the old screw, it will catch the regulator when window is cranked to the top.





Door Trim14. Install the plastic door trim and reattach the weather strip. Make sure you screw down the door trim.






Fuse Box15. Remove the glove compartment.  Remove the fuse panel by removing 2 screws at the top.





WiringWire Tap16. Find a pink wire as shown and attach Red/Blue wire of the harness provided.





Routing WireElectrical Taped Wiring17. You also have to wire a constant hot (this is always on).  I forgot what color wire this is on the harness.  It is the fat red wire shown.  The installation manual should tell ya, I lost this! Doh!  Run the rest of the wiring harness towards the driver side behind the dash.  I used electrical tape to wrap the wiring harness so I dont have to deal with them when I am debugging some other electrical problems in the future.


Switch InstallSwitch Install18. We need to mount the switch to the door panel.  This requires drilling on the door panel.  I used drill bit just big enough to fit through the switch cover bezel. 



Switch InstallTest fit the metal frame 5 times and drilled twice.  You only get one chance.




Switch InstallSwitch Install19. Position the switch and run the wire through the hole. Place the bezel on top of the switch and screw the cover in place.




Switch Install20. You will have to complete the connector assembly.  The wires were blue and black but I had to mis-match the wires to have to switch operate right for some reason.


21. Install the door panel and ground the ground wire on the body panel on the driver side by the clutch.  There should be a bolt holding a ground wire already.


22. Repeat the regulator installation procedure on the passenger side.


Switch Install23. Test for the proper operation!  You are done!





Here is a video of the power window in operation! (~3.1Mb)


If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know!!



I tried my best to document as much as possible along with pictures.  I hope you find them useful. However, do use the information provided here "as-is".  DailyDrivenTJ.com or the author does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or process disclosed.  Use the information at your own risk.


Written by Michael on 7.13.2006.

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