Removing Transfer Case Skid Plate

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Removing the transfer case skid plate is one of the few procedures that you have to do for many jobs below the jeep.  I am writing up the procedure that I practice.



You are dealing with a cross member/skid plate of the vehicle that is supporting vital component of the jeep!


Tools & Parts Needed

Socket Set

Floor Jack and Jack Stands(4)


Job Hours

20 Minutes






Jack Stand Location 1. Place the jack underneath the transmission as shown in the picture.







Floor Jack Position2. Remove 4 nuts that are holding the skid plate and the transmission together (position of these nuts shown in step 3).  Place a floor jack underneath the skid plate but do not raise the skid plate.





Tcase skid plate bolt position3. Remove the 6 bolts holding the skidpate on the frame.






4. Lower the floor jack and move the skid plate away from the work area.







I tried my best to document as much as possible along with pictures.  I hope you find them useful. However, do use the information provided here "as-is". or the author does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or process disclosed.  Use the information at your own risk.


If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know!!


Written by Michael on 6.10.2006.