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 Tools Tools Tools..

Yes, you need them!

Right tools have made almost all of the jobs that I have tackled easier; some jobs were even impossible to finish without one.  On this page, you will find information on tools that I use to do jobs shown in Mod/Tech and Maintenance sections.  I will also rate the tools as to how much you need them!


So if you are clueless about where to start to get involved with maintaining your TJ.  Read on.


Once done, I recommend reading Maintenance section of the website.  The writeups features in maintenance section tends to be easier than the one on Mod/Tech section.


Rating Scale

◆◇◇◇  Take it or leave it

◆◆◇◇  Saves Some Time

◆◆◆◇  Worth Buying

◆◆◆◆  You need this!



Basic Socket Wrench Set


◆◆◆◆ You need this!

I have the Husky 338pc. Mechanic's Tool Set.  It wasn't cheap but I thought of it as an investment as I will be doing the repairs that a dealer or a shop would be charging me for. Another reason I chose this set is, it comes with lifetime warranty which is backed by HomeDepot (similar to Craftmen is warranted through Sears). It is very quality tool made in USA. Albeit many other tools come with so called limited lifetime warranty but most of them require you mailing in the broken tool.  Who knows how long it is going to take them to process the request?  If one of mine breaks, I just need to take it to HomeDepot and they will replace it for free. When you are working on a project and your tool breaks, many times it will halt your project!  You get what you pay for.




◆◆◆◇  Worth Buying

I bet many of you already have this.  When you are servicing a tie rod end for the front track bar, drag link, or the steering stabilizer on TJs, you will need a hammer to separate the tapered rod from the tapered holes.  There are several kinds but plain old nail hammer will do the job.  *I found shot loaded hammer (right), which does not rebound when hit against something, is not a good choice for tie rod end separation.  However I use it to tap in bolts into holes as it does not mar the surface.






Breaker Bar

◆◆◆◇  Worth Buying

It takes a lot of grunt work out of loosening stuck bolts or nuts if you can fit the tool into the space.  The breaker bar shown in the picture is 2 feet long.  I do not use them as often after I got an air impact wrench.








Monkey Wrench

◆◆◆◇  Worth Buying

I would buy several with various sized openings.  I have one huge monkey wrench that I use to tighten up jam nuts (to jam something from moving) for track bars and control arms.  I also use monkey wrench to hold bolts or nuts when I am tightening them from the other side.







Air Compressor/Air Tools

◆◆◆◇  Worth Buying

I used to work on everything without air or power tools, strictly speaking I did not need them.  I recently purchased 15 gal. 2 HP Husky air compressor along with air tools such as impact wrench and air ratchet.  It makes a lot of grunt work out of the project and speeds up the working time so much.





Gear Wrench with Flexible Head


◆◆◇◇  Saves Some Time

I used this tool for installing the exhaust header.  You can think of them as a mix between regular wrench and socket ratchet.  The closed end of the tool swivels and allows the ratcheting action. It is often hard to use the ratchet to tighten up nuts and/or bolts in tight places.  You can use regular open or closed end wrench but this tool will save you a lot of time when you have to tighten up a number of bolts and nuts.




Strap Wrench

*Special Tool*

This tool was used for opening a big plastic ring that holds the fuel pump assembly.  You need this to service the fuel pump assembly.  I heard people using large screw driver with hammer to tap the ring off of the tank.  I do not recommend this as you might be able to get the ring off of the tank yet it will be very hard to put the plastic ring back on with right amount of torque just by tapping it.  Besides beating on plastic can cause it to break.






Torque Wrench

◆◆◆◆  You need this!

If you are thinking about doing anything advanced with your jeep.  I highly recommend you get this tool.  Torque wrench allows you to achieve a desired amount of torque to a bolt or a nut.  This is very important for installations that require a set tightness or even amount of torque along a series of bolts.  For example, exhaust header, differential cover, lugs nuts, and/or bolts and nuts that holds any parts that move, require certain amount of torque.  Overtorquing a nut or bolt could cause something to break and bend to the point of no return.  Undertorquing is just as bad as it could result in loose part.



Pry bar

◆◇◇◇  Take it or leave it

I have never had to use it to do anything yet.



Floor Jack and Jack Stand

◆◆◆◆  You need this!

You need the floor jack  to raise the jeep in the air and jack stand keep it in the air safely so you can work underneath the vehicle.  Get yourself a quality set, your life depends on it.  You need 4 jack stands to work safely.







If you have any questions or recommendation, please let me know. 


Written by Michael on 04.01.2006

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