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Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Replacement

Bad idle? Hesitation? Check your TPS. ◆◇◇◇  Easy


One day, I was pulling out of a toll gate, the Jeep started stumble to notice something was not right, but the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light, Check Engine Light) was not lit!  Then the Jeep drove fine for another a month or two then it started stumble again on the highway, now the PCM lit the MIL.  So, that got me interested in OBD II scanner (it reads stored trouble code from the Power Control Module, PCM).  However, for the time being I decided to read the trouble code straight out of the PCM without using a OBD II scanner and compare with the result of the scanner, how-to read trouble code shown here.  Both results (OBD II scanner result shown here) pointed to TPS.  It is time to replace TPS.


Symptom It Fixed

Low idle, irratic throttle response, hesistation.


Required Supplies & Tools

Torx #20

Di-Electric Grease

New Throttle Position Sensor (TPS324: Autozone, $53.99, 3 Month Warranty)


Job Hours

30 minutes or less





1. First locate the position of the TPS (On the Driver Side), shown left.






2. Remove the electrical connector, located toward the rear of vehicle..






3. Removing Crankcase Ventilation hose out of the way will give more room to work.





4. Using Torx #20, remove the old TPS.






5. Apply the di-electric grease at the TPS connection.






6. Install the new TPS using the supplied bolt.  Before tighten them all the way down, operate the throttle by hand and make sure it rotates (Shown in Step 8).  Torque spec. is 35. inch.lbs. for two mounting screws, make sure you start screwing in with your hand first!




7. Connect the electrical connector to the installed TPS.  Make sure you reconnect the Crankcase Ventilation hose!






8. Hand operate the throttle and check if there is any binding.





9. Start up the engine and check for the proper operation.  You are done!


If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know.



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Written by Michael on 2006.4.7.

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