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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 4:46 pm    Post subject: Install: ScanGauge II and BlendMount by MGT Motorsports. Reply with quote

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ScanGauge II and BlendMount by MGT Motorsports.


I have been eye-ing the Scanguage II for awhile. It let you basically monitor everything the TJ's computer sees; Engine load, intake air temperature, system voltage, coolant temperature, throttle position, RPM, speed, etc and etc. Plus it also calculates MPG, GPH, distance to empty, how much fuel available in the tank, and trip details including all of the above parameters gets stored for two days in average, minimum, and maximum values. A few other great features you also might like are you can see the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and clear them. The ScanGaugeII has the basic OBDII scanner features plus some more up in its sleeves.

I held back my purchase because I just couldn't come up with a clean installation method without some cutting or messing with the interior bezel than I'd like.

Finally, I came across the BlendMount by and I contacted Mike from MGTMotorSports about the product. Thanks to Mike from, the mount was available for evaluation and write up.

Here is how the product showed up. I received the product in two days.

ScanGauge II box and its contents.

BlendMount by

Tools and Parts Needed

MGTMotorsport BlendMount Package @ $179.95 includes the basic tools you need to complete the installation.
Drill and drill bits
Wire coat hanger to fish the wire

Job Hours
60 Minutes


1. Locate the following package and pull out all the contents as shown.

2. Now take the mounting hardware and undo the clamp.

3. Take the disassembled clamp and mock fit it on the neck of the mirror. You will need to decide how you are going to mount the ScangaugeII. I decided to mount mine under the mirror because I didn't have enough room above the mirror plus I think mounting below the mirror gets the gauge near your field of vision when you are driving. Use the following dimension to check if it will fit your application.

*You can do this step while the mirror is still attached to the vehicle. I opted to do it off of the vehicle so I can shows you pictures with better angles.

4. Assemble the mounting plate on the clamp.

The following steps are specific to older model TJs without the windshield plastic surround. I fitted my 98 with the plastic molding to hide some wires but you can still hide the wire using same priciple shown below.

5. Loosen the top so you can lower the windshield.

6. Remove the plastic windshield molding. If you don't have it skip this step.

In the following picture, you can see two ways to route the wires. You can route it between the top and the windshield frame or inside of the windshield frame. For the ScanGaugeII installation, we will be doing "inside of the frame" method.

7. Undo this torx bolt on both side of the windshield frames.

8. Remove the wiper arms! Both of them! "Open" the wipers and pry the tab shown in the direction indicated in the picture. If it takes any more force than turning a key on your door, then something is not right. See for any obstruction.

9. Once the wiper arms are removed, lower the windshield.

10. The lowered windshield frame will expose this area, this is where we are going to drill a hole to clear the cable supplied with the BlendMount. I already have wires there because I have mounted an aftermarket temp/compass/UV mirror. Use a wire coat hanger and make it into a long fish line. Use electrical tape to secure one end of the cable on the fish line so that fish line can be fed into the hole you just have drilled and can be pulled on the other hole where the hardtop latch attaches to. Keep feeding the fish line until you can pull the cable through. As the length of this particular step suggests, this "fishing" for wire can take some time. Be patient and follow through!

11. Put up the windshield frame.

12. Put the top and the windshield molding back on.

13. Using the supplied alcohol swab, clean the surface where the Velcro will be attached. Make sure you surface is clean and dry before attaching the Velcro tape.

14. Connect the wires using the connect provided. Attach it to the OBD connector. Zip tie them up and hide it neatly so your left foot does not get tangled up with it.

15. Attach the ScanGuageII to the BlendMount and check for clearance. When done, mount them back both on the windshield and connect the wire! You are done!


I tried my best to document as much as possible along with pictures. I hope you find them useful. However, do use the information provided here "as-is". or the author does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or process disclosed. Use the information at your own risk.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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I found when I did my scangauge that I didnt need the extension cable. I first tried the blendmount and had issues gettign the mirror adjusted correctly with my seat Lifts in place.. (placing the scangauge below the mirror rendered my map lights useless). Above the mirror the plastic bezel didnt allow the mirror to go up high enough for me. so I ended up velcroing scangauge to the face of the plastic windhield bezel. the cable fit in nicely in the premade notch in the bezel. I fed the small end of the wire up from behind the dash and into the side bezel, then up and across and plugged in the scangauge.. the length was perfect so it just plugged into ALDL easily..

I love the scangauge, its a great addition to my jeep. I do find that my fuel usage has not stayed real consistent.. seems my fillup is always one way or the other of what it says i have used.. sometimes by as much as 2 or 3 gallons.. but I havent really tested it by always filling up at the same gas pumps...
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Site Founder
Site Founder

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Great information! Mine was just ted short since I had to route the cable into the windshield frame and I didn't have the luxury of hiding the wire behind the side plastic bezel. For some reason I thought I was being careful with the original cable if I installed the extension in the windshield frame.

Besides, I can take the unit out whenever I want and install it on other family vehicles, I can't do that if I put the original cable in the windshield frame.

I believe the extension can be made using the regular RJ-45 connector and ethernet cable.

Mine has been pretty consistent with the MPG reading so far but the Jeep is only on the 3rd tank. Also, one thing I noticed is the milege logged by the ScanGaugeII is little bit off (1mph off) along with the speed shown. There is a correction factor you have to specify to have this function correctly. I haven't messed with that yet.
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